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Submit Movies

Do we accept submissions from Creators and Content Providers?

  • YES! We accept submissions from selected content from our Partner Festivals, Invited Content, and from filmmakers/creators who have won awards in other events and festivals.

Why would you want to have content on AlohaStream?

  • First, to get your movie watched. Isn’t that why you made it in the first place – to share it with an audience?
  • If you were invited through a film festival, you can get viewers to see your work through one of our exclusive, short-run festival events.
  • You can also choose a licensing option to monetize your content.

What do I get for licensing with AlohaStream?

  • License to AlohaStream.com – all filmmakers share a 30% profit pool each quarter. 1-year commitment; you retain all other rights.
  • We also offer traditional distribution as well. Physical media (DVD/BluRay) with a 75/25 split (75 to you).
  • We offer digital distribution in regard to media such as VOD, AVOD, TVOD, SVOD with an 80/20 split (80 to you).

Are you ready to learn more about licensing your content to AlohaStream?

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