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Technical Issues

Common Technical Issues/Questions:

  • Why is my playback choppy/slow/buffering? This usually is a direct result of a slow Internet connection. In the lower right corner, there is a “settings” cog which can be adjusted to change the playback resolution. 4K resolution will be very demanding on Internet speeds. 720p will be less demanding.


  • Why doesn’t a particular movie have closed captions or subtitles? This is something we are working on. Many of the movies on AlohaStream do have captions/subtitles. We are working toward having them for all movies.


  • I cannot login to my account. This could be happening for a variety of reason. Possibly you are using the wrong password or have forgotten your password. If so, from the login page, you can request to reset your password by selecting “Forgot my Password.”


  • I have a different issue not listed here. Please contact us if you are experience something else and we will see what we can do from our end.
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